1: What is a URLs opener?

URLs opener is an easy tool that helps SEO specialists, link builders, researchers and others. It has the ability to open multiple URL immediately taking less time and providing good productivity. Just copy and paste multiple URLs in the given field and notice the magic of URLs Opener.

2: How do I open a Multiple URL in Click?

  1. Search URL opener on Google and other search engines/browsers.
  2. Paste bulk URLs in the given field.
  3. Press the Open Multiple URL button.
  4. You will be surprised seeing all the URLs opening just with a single click.
  5. If you want to open another list containing bulk URLs, go to the reset button and paste another URL list.

In this way it has made your work easier in just one click.

3: How to use URL Opener tool?

Make your work easier and quick with the help of URL Opener. Follow the steps given:

  • Enter URL that you want to open.
  • Click the Multiple URL button to open all the links.
  • Start working on your opened URLs.

15-25 links should be opened at a time to maintain the speed of your system.
Larger number of links will slow down your system and your progress may get slow.

4: How to format URL for our web URLs opener?

Don't be worry to write full links, our URL opener tool will do it for your easiness. Here we provide an example for your understanding: if you want to open www.abc.com you may also type "abc.com". Our system will take you where want to go.

Here is the list of URL formats you can use in our tool:

While using our bulk URLs opener tool you do not need to follow the same format for all the URLs. One URL format may differ from other. Our tool will recognize that and will take you to the right place. You can use https://www.abc.com and other may be in the www.abc.com. These two different URL formats may open at a same time with the help of our tool.

5: Why use a URL opener tool?

Our tool is beneficial for you as it supports all the browsers whatever it is Google, Firefox, Safari, Bing, Yahoo etc. It will help you open multiple URLs in an easy way.

Benefits of using our Bulk URLs Opener tool:

  • It can be accessed from any browser.
  • Our tool is 100% free to use.
  • It doesn't require anything to be installed like plugins, apps and extensions.

Who can use our Web URL Opener tool?

Here we have explained the users of our multiple URLs opener tool:

  • SEO experts use our tool to open bulk URLs with only a single click to save their time that is wasted in opening one URL after the other. It makes their work faster, productive and easy. It also requires less time and less effort.
  • Our tool also helps content researchers to open different URLs instantly and to complete their task in short time. They can also resume their work with the help of our bulk URLs opener tool.

Why have we made Web URL Opener Tool?

We have made bulk URLs opener tool to help SEO specialists, web researchers, content writers etc. Instead of opening single URL physically they can use our tool to open multiple URLs within a second to perform their task. It helps them utilize their precious time in a best way.

How many URL can I Open at once with this Tool?

There is no any limit to open number of URLs in our bulk URLs opener tool. You can open number of URLs you want with the help of this tool. Limitation may be from your end as your system may not support or can get slow while opening a greater number of tabs. We advise you to open maximum of 15-20 URLs at once to maintain the good speed of your work. Don't be greedy to open a great number of URLs. Otherwise you will not be able to obtain your results in planned time.

Use and benefits of multiple URLs opener:

Anyone who wants to open multiple URLs without wasting time can use this tool to obtain good results in very short time. Content researchers and SEO specialists can now perform their tasks of several minutes within just a click. It saves the time and provides the results quickly. It is not only chrome supported but supports all the browsers.

Bulk URLs opener tool is just a click away:

URL opener doesn't require any effort. Just search URLs opener and you do not need to take several steps to open our tool. It opens with a click. Paste your URLs in the field and click multiple URLs opener tool button. All the links will open instantly. You will not need to wait for a long time to get all the URLs opened.

Time saving tool:

Everyone wants to do his work in short time. For that reason, technical skills or tools are required. Time saving and tools help you do a great quantity of work. Our tool prevents you to open every URL physically. It speeds up your work by opening all the URLs and also does not require all the URLs in the same format. It provides good results without wasting much time. User of our tool finishes his work earlier than those who do not use it.

Feel secure to use our multiple URLs opener tool:

Our tool is fully protected from viruses and malware. We also do not take your personal information. Your data and information remains secure while using this tool. Use this tool without any hesitation or fear of losing your data.